Providing operating support to our 37 member historically black colleges and universities is the core of what we do. Our support helps member schools keep tuition down to a rate that is 54 percent lower than tuition at other comparable schools. We offer grants to help build capacity, faculty development programs and assistance with teacher education programs.

Institute for Capacity Building

UNCF launched the Institute for Capacity Building (ICB) in Spring 2006. The primary objective of the Institute is to support strengthening the capacity of the 37 UNCF member private historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the areas of fundraising, enrollment and retention, academic programming and faculty development, financial management, historic preservation of campus facilities, executive leadership and governance. The launching of ICB underscores the strategic intent of UNCF to support the efforts of its member institutions, within their unique traditions, missions and circumstances, to remain viable, compelling and competitive choices for the growing number of African American and other student of color seeking a college education. Learn more about the Institute for Capacity Building

Faculty Development

UNCF recognizes the critical importance of research to faculty development, and administers a number of programs designed to help minority professors increase their research experience. In addition to providing opportunities for UNCF professors to continue their development through furthering their research & training, our faculty development program help faculty pursue advanced degrees and improve their curricula and teaching skills. Learn more about our faculty development programs

Annenberg/UNCF HBCU School Linkage Program

The Annenberg/UNCF HBCU School Linkage Program assists selected, eligible member colleges and universities to improve and strengthen the recruitment and retention of minority students interested in becoming teachers. Through the program we encourage schools to create K-12 collaborative partnerships aimed to improve education programs for those students majoring in education. We also provide training and professional development to enhance teaching techniques and improve learning outcomes of K-12 students and college students interested in becoming teachers. In addition, the program works to increase the use of technology in teaching venues. This program grew out of a $2 million grant from The Annenberg Foundation of St. Davids, Pennsylvania to UNCF, and it has benefited a total of ten member colleges and universities through a competitive selection process. The award period is for three years.