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A Vision Worth Investing In

When you invest in UNCF you’re investing in the 60,000 students who receive UNCF scholarships each year. These students have a 70% six-year graduation rate, compared with a national average of 59% for all students and 39% for African American students.

You’re also investing in a tradition of social change. Since its inception in 1944, UNCF has raised more than $5 billion and enabled more than 500,000 students to earn college degrees. Today, UNCF awards more than $100 million in scholarships each year to students at more than 1,100 schools, including our prestigious network of 37 member HBCUs.

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The Better Futures Campaign

Learn how innovative UNCF programs are increasing college enrollment and graduation. Meet some of the people whose lives serve as an inspiration to today's students.
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Picture This

Our infographics are a simple, yet powerful, way of showing the very real difference UNCF makes in bettering the lives and the futures of African American students.

Building Capacity for Better Futures

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”—Maya Angelou, poet and civil rights activist. Maya Angelou’s words sum up the work of UNCF’s Institute for Capacity Building (ICB), which provides targeted capacity-building training, consulting and other resources to help HBCUs strengthen enrollment management, institutional advancement and overall effectiveness.


Done to Us, Not with Us

African American parents’ perceptions of K-12 education

This report from UNCF’s Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute <link to FDPRI landing page> offers a revealing glimpse of the American public education system from the perspective of those with the biggest stake in better schools: the parents of the African American children who stand to lose the most. Learn what’s wrong and what can be done to ensure that African American children receive the kind of education that prepares them for their parents’ dream for them: a college education.

Done to Us, Not With Us


No fact is more revealing than this: Most low-income African American parents do not believe their children are receiving the kind of education that prepares them for college. This is unacceptable, which is why UNCF is advocating for K-12 education reform.

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