Barbara Patton

Barbara Jean Patton is a leading expert in organizational development specializing in strategic community engagement initiatives; and strengthening human/financial capacity. Barbara has a diverse professional background and has shared her expertise with a variety of audiences including corporate, government, public and nonprofit.

In her former position as chief service officer for the City of Detroit Mayor’s Office, Barbara was responsible for creating partnerships with administration experts, nonprofit organizations, local universities and other key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive volunteer work plan, designed to address the city’s major areas of need.

During her employment with ARAMARK Corporation, Wayne County, Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce and others, Barbara utilized many skill sets including communications and media outreach; project management; training and development; major event planning; facilitation of minority/women enterprises; and fund development.

Barbara serves as an officer on the boards of numerous civic organizations and has founded a nationally acclaimed health program for the city’s local hospitals.  She has both a bachelor's and a master's degree from the University of Michigan.