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The UNCF Lighted Pathways programs meets the disparity and lack of black talent in asset management through the UNCF Lighted Pathways initiative which provides scholarships and internships to African American undergraduate students interested in the investment management industry.  Through this initiative, UNCF Lighted Pathways aims to create a career pathway to attract, develop, and retain Black talent for the asset management industry.

The UNCF Lighted Pathways Program excites, educates, and empowers young people by supporting personal and professional development, driving company performance, and providing the asset management industry the talent they need to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. This program offers students a glimpse inside the dynamic, global asset management industries and the career opportunities, potential and rewards within them.

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Managing Director at Cambridge Associates Keon Holmes, CFA Provides Advice to Students

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“I learned that while we may be underrepresented in the media, that doesn't mean there are not people like us thriving in the financial industry.”

Amanda Campbell, Western Governors University

Professionals explain the industry


You have probably heard it said that every gift counts. That really is true, and here are why the following donors are so meaningful. Because of their generosity, young black talent has access to a world of learning that they may not have been exposed to without their contributions. Their generous donations enable us to help produce financial professionals – equipped with the knowledge, passion, and tools to grow the asset management industry further. Together, we are building the future of the asset management industry… one person, one discovery, and one achievement at a time.


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“Every little bit of investing matters. As well as being strategic and having good intentions. Understand that sometimes the return might not be what you projected, but there is always something to learn from that experience.”

Olivia Broussard, Xavier University of Louisiana

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