Student Stories: Jiimmilia J. Smith

Jiimmilia Smith, Claflin University

Jiimmilia Smith is the first in her very large family of over 18 siblings and cousins to attend college. As her family is a large part of her inspiration, she hopes that her success will encourage and motivate each one of them to seek higher education.

At Claflin University,  she studied philosophy and religion, and was a junior class officer and president of Echo, a campus organization which that helps students maintain their faith while enjoying the college experience.

In 2016, Jimmilia was accepted into the Master of Divinity program at Emory University. She plans to go to graduate school to become a professor in philosophy and religion.

Jiimmilia thanks UNCF and its donors for seeing her potential and for helping her to complete her studies. She deeply appreciates the love, encouragement and financial support.