Student Stories: Thomas Richardson III

Thomas Richardson III, Oakwood University

“I am Thomas Richardson, III, a junior at Oakwood University, where I am majoring in political science/pre-law. I want to share with you my family’s heartfelt and sincere thanks for the scholarship I received from UNCF.

“Without it, I would not have been able to continue my studies. I have wanted to go to college since the day I understood what college meant. Soon after that, I decided that I wanted to be an attorney and began working toward that goal. In high school, I excelled at my studies and was on the debate team. I was captain of my school’s basketball team and was also the school’s social vice president.

“Now that I am in college, I am managing my studies well, and I am experiencing and enjoying its rigors and challenges. It is very different from high school. This scholarship has allowed me to continue my journey to graduation and eventually my post-graduate studies in law school. Soon, I will be the criminal lawyer I want to be. This will give me the opportunity to fight for justice for the underserved in my community.

“Please accept my special thanks for your help and support. I will make it because you cared enough to share with a student like me.”