Student Stories: Victor Christian

Victor Christian, Stillman College

“A sophomore at Stillman College, I plan to major in English and journalism. “I recently received a UNCF scholarship which significantly reduced my college expenses. Without this financial help, it would have been very difficult for me to continue my studies.

“I am deeply grateful to UNCF for supporting the dreams of students like me. My days are filled with classes, volunteer activities and work. They are long and many times very tiring, but I have a very clear goal.

“I want to become a TV commentator and to have people say, ‘Wow! Is that Victor Christian?’ I plan to become a talk show host and to be so successful that people will hail me as the male version of Oprah. At Stillman, I not only work hard on my courses, I also serve as student court prosecutor for the Stillman Student Government Association.

“I am a resident assistant and have worked a part-time job since the summer of 2014. With the help I have received from donors like you, I know that I will achieve my dream. Look for me on TV—I will be there soon. My family and I thank you for your help and support. Thank you for investing in a student like me. “