Meet the All Stars! The Campaign and Event Sponsors That Help UNCF Detroit

Baseball has an all-star team. So do football, basketball and hockey.

So why not an all-star team for helping UNCF Detroit raise money to help students go to and through college and help UNCF-member institutions keep their programs strong, their tuitions affordable and their student loans affordable?

Who would be on that all-star team? Here are three UNCF Detroit all-stars, along with the “home runs” that make them the champions they are.    .

General Motors Company

  • Top UNCF Detroit Walk for Education team for the past 22 years, averaging 40-55 percent of the Walk’s total. This year’s GM total: $375,571, with an additional $40,000 in restricted revenue.
  • Corporate captains add special activities each year that create multiple revenue streams like auto raffles, golf outings, white party, concerts and lunch with executives. 
  • GM chairs appointed by top executive leaders for two-year terms; this year’s chair is Donetta Houser-Sly. Past chairs: Tamberlin Golden, Joya Shepherd

Harold and Carolyn Robison Foundation

  • Has been donating to the UNCF General Scholarship Fund and supporting its mission through UNCF Detroit for over 20 years. 
  • Not only renewed their financial commitment but increased their investment to $25,000 for scholarships supporting Detroit-area college-bound or college students attending a UNCF-member school.
  • Donated $50,000 as final contribution upon liquidation of Foundation assets.

The Power of One: Queen Simpson

What does UNCF’s iconic moto— “A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to invest in”® mean to you? For most people, it is a call to contribute to UNCF to help its 37 HBCUs give their students the education they need and that we as a community and as a nation need them to have.

But not every UNCF contribution starts with a dollar sign. Many contribute their time to help students go to and through college. Queen Simpson is a perfect example.

A graduate of UNCF-member HBCU Bennett College, she serves as financial secretary of the Detroit Inter-Alumni Council (DIAC). In fact, she was DIAC’s nominee—and winner—of the Annual National Philanthropy Day Greater Detroit Chapter in 2016. 

An avid fundraiser for UNCF and a relentless champion for Bennett College, she is the first to volunteer when there’s work to be done, often leading the event registration team for UNCF Detroit events, ensuring that revenues collected are properly receipted and logged.

Queen Simpson is just one person, one volunteer, one HBCU graduate. But her hard work and leadership make UNCF events the successes they are, making it possible for our students to go to and through college and proving—once again—the power of one.

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