Chapel interior with students at a service at Jarvis Christian College

For Churches

We’ve Come this Far by Faith

The majority of all UNCF colleges and universities are church-founded or church-affiliated, so it comes as no surprise that students who attend UNCF-member colleges and universities not only receive a quality education in terms of their careers, but they also learn what they need to become good citizens and live good lives.

Learn how your place of worship can help students 
Help make a difference by hosting a UNCF Sunday at your house of worship. Contact your local or regional office or call UNCF at 404.302.8623 and get information on how to host an event.

From the beginning, UNCF and the faith community have invested in each other. Churches around the country have helped HBCUs keep their doors open and their dedication to education strong. UNCF has worked hard to raise the funds needed to help support the next generation of professionals and community leaders and the HBCUs they attend.

National Faith Initiative

Student at Paine College in cap and gown in silhouette in front of stained glass window

Want to help UNCF make a difference in the lives of college students of color across the United States? Let us know what your church or religious organization is interested doing with us.


A Partnership of Faith

UNCF and the faith community continue to partner together. UNCF has always been there for the community, and the faith community has always been there for UNCF, its member institutions and its students.

Church Donor Roll