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34th Annual Martin Luther King Jr.(Virtual) Award Ceremony – NY

The Greater New York Inter-Alumni Council (IAC) of UNCF is a dedicated volunteer group comprised of alumni of UNCF’s member colleges and universities with a goal of advancing Black higher education in the New York area. Our work helps UNCF impact nearly 60,000 students each year and celebrate the accomplishments of the more than 500,000 graduates it has assisted in obtaining college degrees.

Annually, the Greater New York IAC garners vital support from community leaders and residents within the New York area through events and historically Black college and university informational activities. The efforts of the Greater New York IAC support the overall initiatives of the National Alumni Council (NAC). The NAC serves as the umbrella organization for UNCF member institutions’ Inter-Alumni Councils, the National Pre-Alumni Council, National Alumni Associations and other organizations that subscribe to UNCF’s mission. Learn more at UNCF.org/alumni.