Kalan Haywood II

Assembly Assistant Minority Leader Kalan R. Haywood II represents Wisconsin’s Sensational 16th Assembly District. He is the youngest African American to ever be elected into the state office in Wisconsin’s history and Democratic history. While in office, Rep. Haywood plans to push the needle forward on key issues like education, economic development, and public safety. In the legislature, Rep. Haywood serves on seven Assembly committees: Housing and Real Estate (Ranking Member), Committee on Assembly Organization, Committee on Energy and Utilities, Committee on Transportation, Committee on Rules, Joint Committee on Legislative Organization, and the Joint Legislative Council. He also was appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority and Wisconsin Center District.

Prior to his first election, Haywood served as President of the City of Milwaukee Youth Council for two terms. He represented the 6th Aldermanic District on the City of Milwaukee Youth Council for three terms. In this role, he was responsible for assessing and communicating the needs of the community, as well as the resources relative to the protection and advocacy of Milwaukee’s youth. Additionally, he was tasked with evaluating and recommending changes in laws, policies, practices, and procedures in order to improve the conditions of the community and promote wholesome youth development. As a member of the Youth Council, he recommended funding allocations for ten percent of the city’s CDBG reprogramming dollars.

A Milwaukee native and a political science student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Rep. Haywood serves as Chair of the City of Milwaukee Restorative Justice Advisory Board. He is a dedicated member of his district with experience in community organization and empowerment, reaching out to the neighborhoods to understand their firsthand concerns and lend a friendly face.

At the refreshing age of 24, Rep. Haywood has shared his vision for Greater Milwaukee on both local and national media outlets. He works tirelessly to change the narrative of the possible achievements of young people with the hopes to inspire them, and his peers, and letting them know that the time is now; you don’t have to wait to be great.