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UNCF San Francisco

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to invest in.”® Why not invest your time or money in better futures for young people in Northern California, Northern Nevada, Utah, Colorado and around the country?

UNCF San Francisco is here to help you send a student to college and turn his or her life around.

Visit or to register for your area’s local virtual walk, Saturday, Sept. 19!

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Scenes from the 2018 “A Mind Is…” Gala

The San Francisco area office works to:

  • increase the number of regional donors and partners who support the mission and work of UNCF
  • increase the number of college bound and college graduates in the western region who benefit from UNCF scholarship and grants
  • actively participate in and lend a critical voice to local partnerships that support successful transitions to and through college for African American students

UNCF San Francisco Staff