Interdenominational Theological Center

The Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) is a Christian Africentric ecumenical consortium of seminaries and fellowships that educates students who commit to practicing justice and peace through a liberating and transforming spirituality to become leaders in the church and local/global communities.

To be the preeminent world center for Africentric theological engagement developing leaders to advance God's mission of love, justice and restoration in the world.

ITC Vision

The ITC embarks upon the twenty-first century with a two-fold vision that honors its historic mission and embraces its promising future. The first facet of the vision builds on a century-old commitment initially established by the constituent seminaries. With an international reputation for producing outstanding clergy and a long-standing tradition of community outreach, the ITC is committed to academic excellence in training leaders, teachers, pastors and preachers with an exceptional dedication to serving the church and society.

ITC Seminaries

  • Gammon Theological Seminary: United Methodist     
  • Morehouse School Of Religion: Baptist        
  • Turner Theological Seminary: African Methodist Episcopal      
  • Phillips School Of Theology: Christian Methodist Episcopal     
  • Charles H. Mason Theological Seminary: Church Of God In Christ     
  • Richardson: Ecumenical Fellowship

News and Events

"Never Again!" ITC President Issues Editorial on Immigration Policy (3/17)

...The Christian community must speak out when our Hispanic neighbors are forced to live in fear because even after living in America for 20 years with no problem, a traffic ticket might result in a family being separated as one or more parent is deported. >> Read More



Interdenominational Theological Center Staff