Livingstone College

Livingstone College is a private historically black institution that is secured by a strong commitment to quality instruction. Through a Christian-based environment suitable for learning, it provides excellent liberal arts and religious education programs for students from all ethnic backgrounds designed to develop their potential for leadership and service to a global community.

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Livingstone College students are educated under a Holistic College approach, which aims to teach them everything they need to know inside and outside the classroom to persist to graduation and command their rightful place in today’s global society. To that end, Livingstone students are required to undergo at least two semesters of Spanish, they are required to learn CPR, they are required to perform at least 80 hours of community service, and they are taught fiscal responsibility as well as the importance of being community and civic-minded—among other principles. Additionally, Livingstone College students are strongly encouraged to register to vote and to actively participate in the voting process.

I didn’t choose Livingstone College. Livingstone College chose me. I didn’t have a choice. Livingstone College was the only place that gave me a chance.

Terrell Richardson

Terrell Richardson 89th SGA president and 2018 graduate

News and Events

Dr. Jenkins Participates in Oval Office Visit
Several UNCF-member presidents prepared formal statements to be presented during the White House meeting, held on Monday, February 27, 2017. Due to time constraints, only a few presidents were able to make their statements during the event. Read Dr. Jenkin's prepared statement here.

Statement from Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr., Ph.D., President, Livingstone College


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