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Jarvis Christian University

Jarvis Christian University is a historically black liberal arts, baccalaureate degree-granting institution affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

The mission of the university is to prepare students intellectually, through academic programs that promote excellence in teaching and learning; socially, through student-centered support programs that encourage positive and constructive communication among peers, faculty, and staff; spiritually, through programs that stimulate spiritual growth and worship; and personally, through interaction that fosters self-development and maturity. The mission further seeks to prepare students for professional and graduate studies, productive careers and to function effectively in a global and technological society.

What is the Jarvis Promise?

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In support of its mission, Jarvis Christian University has adopted these Guiding Principles:

  • Scholarship and Life-Long Learning: To advocate life-long learning by challenging and supporting students and staff to pursue intellectual, personal and professional development.
  • Service: To intentionally provide a quality experience for students, colleagues, surrounding communities and the nation through community service and civic engagement, as service is the core of our profession.
  • Integrity: To exhibit ethical behavior in and beyond the academic setting, and be good stewards of our financial resources, acting as persons of high character guided by a commitment to transparency, fairness and honesty.
  • Respect: To embrace the doctrines of faith, family and community, which ensure inclusiveness and diversity, understanding that every individual should be treated with professionalism, courtesy and kindness.
  • Responsibility: To be responsible and accountable for our actions in every situation, as it relates to the college, the community and the nation.
  • Christian Ethics: To emphasize that the Christian spiritual path provides an ethical code that, when followed, will make for a better person, a better college, a better community and a better world.

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