HBCU Transformation Project Receives $124 Million Investment to Increase Enrollment, Improve Efficiency, and Expand Pathways to Economic Mobility

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Strong First-Year Results and Positive Trends in Student Enrollment and Retention Pave Way to Major Expansion of The HBCU Transformation Project

The HBCU Transformation Project received a $124 million investment from Blue Meridian Partners, increasing its total investment to $184 million. The new investment will expand the Transformation Project’s work to drive systemic improvements among historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) nationwide.

The HBCU Transformation Project is a collaboration between UNCF (United Negro College Fund), Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF), and Partnership for Education Advancement (Ed Advancement). Forty HBCUs are currently working intensively with the Project and additional campuses are expected to join this year.  A complete list of participating HBCUs is available here. The HBCU Transformation Project launched in 2022.

Most of the additional $124 million will be invested in high-return initiatives at individual HBCUs, such as building technology infrastructure, developing and testing transformative curricular and administrative strategies, and piloting platforms to work together on staff development, shared procurement, and related approaches. UNCF, TMCF, and Ed Advancement will also receive support to provide leadership for The HBCU Transformation Project, expand their capacity to coordinate multi-campus networks, and lead a major capital campaign to help close longstanding funding gaps between HBCUs and other higher education institutions.

“As the new academic year begins, we welcome returning students and extend a special greeting to members of the class of 2027. While these extraordinary students will bring positive changes to their families, communities and the nation, HBCU leaders are also focused on the classes of 2037 and 2047, and we recognize that our institutions must evolve to give future generations the educational experiences they need. The Transformation Project will ensure that HBCUs continue to be drivers of economic mobility and champions for racial equity long into the future,” said UNCF President and CEO Dr. Michael L. Lomax.

The Transformation Project has several core goals:

  • Increasing enrollment and retention at HBCUs, improving graduation rates and better preparing students for successful careers.
  • Further improving institutional performance and capacity and accelerating the pace of innovation at HBCUs.
  • Creating opportunities for HBCUs to work together as a network, leveraging collective knowledge and power, and demonstrating the value of a networked approach.
  • Reversing historic funding inequities, so HBCUs have the resources they need for long-term growth and success.

HBCUs have long outperformed their peer institutions at providing higher education opportunities for Black and low-income students. Although they represent only three percent of higher education institutions, HBCUs produce nearly 20% of Black college graduates, while enrolling nearly double the percentage of low-income Pell-eligible students (62% vs. 39%) and first-generation students (60% vs. 33%), compared to colleges nationally.

“The HBCU Transformation Project will deliver permanent, sustainable, and systemic improvement: more students, more graduates, bigger endowments, and new opportunities to advance economic mobility. HBCUs will be at the leading edge of transformation and infrastructure enhancements that will impact student outcomes well into the future,” said James Runcie, CEO and Co-Founder of the Partnership for Education Advancement.

Blue Meridian Partners made the additional investment after HBCU Transformation Project leaders and individual campuses reported positive results from the project’s initial phase. HBCU enrollment has increased sharply since the COVID pandemic’s peak during the 2020-2021 academic year, and many individual HBCUs working with the Transformation Project have reported historic growth.

For example, applications at South Carolina State University have increased 174% since 2020 and enrollment is up 54%, due largely to recent investments in technology supported by the Transformation Project, including new AI platforms and CRM software solutions that help students navigate the application and financial aid process. Claflin University reported its highest enrollment in school history last year and Morehouse College recorded significant improvements in student persistence after creating an innovative approach to retention that identifies students at risk for leaving college and provides them with intensive coaching, tutoring and other support.

“For more than a century, HBCUs have been vital engines for economic and social mobility in the United States. That essential fact, coupled with the HBCU Transformation Project’s record of achievement, justifies additional support. With this latest investment, we hope to accelerate the pace of change and strengthen these vital institutions and the students they serve at scale,” said Jim Shelton, Blue Meridian Partners’ President and Chief Investment and Impact Officer. Blue Meridian Partners provides financial support and strategic advice to the organizations leading the HBCU Transformation Project.

HBCUs have produced more than 1 million associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees since 1984. HBCUs produce 40% of Black engineers, 40% of Black Congress members, 50% of Black public-school teachers, 50% of Black lawyers, 50% of Black doctors, and 80% of Black judges.

HBCU leaders warn this historic overachievement is currently at risk, in part because of the disproportionate impact of the COVID pandemic on Black and Brown communities, including steep declines in academic achievement for low-income students. The Supreme Court’s recent decision prohibiting race-conscious admissions programs at institutions of higher education is further expected to increase application volume and enrollment at HBCUs.

“HBCUs have always been an express train to the Black middle class, and to keep that going, we need to accelerate our collaborative work and identify solutions that help maximize our students’ path to success. We’re thrilled that major donors and philanthropies are showing a new interest in HBCUs, and we welcome their support. It’s long past time for HBCUs to get the resources they deserve,” said Dr. Harry L. Williams, President & CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

During the next three years, the HBCU Transformation Project aims to reduce the growing wealth gaps between HBCUs and other higher education institutions, while increasing the number of students enrolled at HBCUs by 90,000 (a 40% increase over 2020) and increasing the number of HBCU graduates by 22,000 (a 54% increase). These changes are projected to yield a total annual increase of $1.1 billion in Black wealth.

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