Advocacy for Students Reaching College and in College

UNCF works diligently on advocacy efforts in Washington and across the United States

To make sure that the needs of students are on the agenda when Washington policymakers debate education policy and set federal budgets, UNCF is one of the most prominent education advocates in the nation’s capital. And to ensure that students get the kindergarten-through-high-school education they need to prepare them for college success, UNCF helps communities around the country engage in improving the schools their children attend.

K-12 Advocacy:   UNCF focuses on elevating the college readiness crisis, building a college-going culture within the African American community and empowering leaders and communities to drive change at local, state and national levels.            




Public Policy and Government Affairs:  UNCF works with policymakers on both sides of the aisle to ensure the needs of our member colleges and the students we support are heard, understood and considered when laws and federal regulations affecting them move forward.