Applying to HBCUs

Your decision to attend one of our nation’s HBCUs is an important one that’s filled with many considerations. Read on for practical advice, helpful tools and words of wisdom from real-life students who chose to attend an HBCU.

Steps to choosing an HBCU

Consider size, location and environment

  • Are you looking for a large university or small college environment? Far away or close to home? In an urban or rural setting? Coed, male or female? Culturally diverse? Religious?

Choose the type of school

  • Are you looking for a four-year school, a community college or another type of two-year school? A master’s-level or doctoral program?

Evaluate your financial picture and aid opportunities

  • Cost is an important consideration for most students, and colleges and other organizations offer a variety of financial aid. So does UNCF. In fact, UNCF provides scholarships to thousands of students each year. Learn more.


  • Visiting during the school year gives you the best feel for what campus life is like. Check for campus-visit programs, which include overnight stays, classroom visits, campus tours and the chance to talk to and dine with college students.