Campus Visit Checklist

Visiting a college campus is a great way for your child—and you—to get a sense of what the school is like and how going to school there will feel.  

When planning a campus visit, be sure to allow enough time for your child to fully explore each school’s campus and to talk with students, professors and college admissions staff.

Here are some additional tips for making the most of your campus visits.

  • Gather Information
  • Participate in group information sessions.
  • Sit in on classes.
  • Meet with an admissions officer to discuss the admissions process.
  • Meet with a financial officer to discuss financial aid packages and scholarships available.
  • Talk with a professor in the program that you are interested in.
  • Meet with the freshman liaisons to gain a student perspective of the institution.
  • Explore the campus.
  • Tour the campus.
  • Visit the career center to see what services it offers.
  • Tour a freshman residence hall.
  • Visit the student cafeteria, fitness center, library, bookstore and other campus facilities.
  • Walk or drive around the community surrounding the campus.

Many UNCF-member institutions have formal visitation dates or allow you to schedule a private tour. Contact them and arrange your visit!