HBCU Innovation Summit Raves

At my visit to Google and Facebook, I had the opportunity to meet many different kinds of people. I met with software developers, new hires and even some project managers. Along with these people, I was able to see many great advances in technology such as the Google self-driving car. Seeing so many people of different ages and from so many different backgrounds changing the world through technology helped me see that it is possible for anyone to be able to be a part of something great. At the summit, they encouraged us to speak of all our ideas; nothing was too big or impossible to achieve. I now have a desire to be a part of something bigger than myself . . . to shape the world with others through technology.”—Kiersten Raymond Prairie View A&M


As a result of the HBCU Innovation Summit Hackathon and the increase in desire of students wanting to study entrepreneurship, I am proud to say we have started an innovation and entrepreneurship organization for students at Prairie View A&M University—PV Wire: Where Innovation Reaches Entrepreneurship. We are moving at a very fast pace. We started this organization January 10, 2015, and in a short amount of time, we have acquired our own marketplace, and we have members who are starting businesses. Therefore, I want to thank you for hosting the HBCU Innovation Summit Hackathon.”—Kehlin Swan, Prairie View A&M

The HBCU ICE [Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship] opened my eyes to the possibilities of becoming a venture capitalist and CEO of my own business. I was surrounded by intelligent African American colleagues, and my network grew in so many ways. This was my first time in Silicon Valley, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to participate in such a grand event. Without this program I would not know the challenges that minorities face in Silicon Valley or know the ways I could overcome those challenges if I were to apply for a job. Thanks, UNCF!”—Jasmine A. Stith, Prairie View A&M University

Attending the 2014 HBCU Innovation Summit gave me the courage to pursue opportunities that are normally regarded as difficult to achieve. My academic and professional success has ultimately motivated many of my peers to accomplish more as well.”—Dominic Bett, Claflin University

I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities that I have been able to participate in through HBCU ICE. I love how they are creating communities with other black college tech students to allow them to prosper and network. I look forward to being a part of future programming! Thank you!!”—Elizabeth Sengoba, Spelman College

Attending the HBCU Innovation Summit gave me broader idea about my career path and what I wanted to do in life. Even though I wanted to become a software engineer, I also got inspiration for entrepreneurship and leadership roles. I am also thankful for the exposure that UNCF gave me which helped me to secure an internship with Google this summer.”—Surabhya Aryal, Fisk University

I got an Oracle internship, by just asking a question about why Oracle does not recruit freshmen. I couldn’t have done this at home. This is an opportunity to throw yourself out there, and I am grateful to the HBCU 2015 Innovation Summit for the opportunity to help me do that.”—Oluwaseyi Gabriel Adediwura, Huston-Tillotson University

The HBCU Innovation Summit helped to dive deeper into what it means to be an entrepreneur and leader in tech. It was a needed accelerator for me, as willing to innovate in the economy through an impact in technology.”—Josuel Musambaghani, Morehouse College