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The Institute for Capacity Building produces reports and other publications to help UNCF-member HBCUs and others better understand educational best practices and how to improve.

Institute for Capacity Building

Persistence Pays Off: Best Practices for Using the Bloomberg Professional Service on College Campuses
This white paper documents the experiences of those institutions and lessons learned in integrating the Bloomberg Professional Service, commonly referred to as “Bloomberg terminals,” into their campuses and curriculum and identifies best practices in promoting greater usage.

Minority-Serving Institutions Green Report (2010)
This MSI Green Report, the first to highlight MSI sustainability efforts, is designed to serve as a catalog of sustainability activities already underway at institutions founded to educate America’s historically marginalized groups. It will serve as a campus sustainability guide for students, parents, college administrators and others.

Enrollment Management Practices at Private HBCUs: A Model for Success (2011)
The purpose of this white paper is two-fold: First, to make the case that strategic enrollment management, properly designed and carried out, can be a catalyst for transforming American higher education. Second, to offer private HBCUs and other minority-serving institutions a model for success in enrollment management.

Perspectives on Exemplary Transformational Leadership Among Presidents at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (2014)
The survey and this publication represent aspects of a multi-pronged initiative to provide assistance to the leadership of private historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the UNCF network. The initiative is based on the premise that stable, strategic and informed leadership, along with engaged and well-functioning governing boards, is essential for the continued viability and sustainability of any higher education institution.

Learning From Disaster: Gulf Coast Colleges and Universities—The Lessons of Hurricane Katrina (2008)
More than a mere recording of events, this report is designed to be a practical tool kit —a checklist and a best-practices manual for colleges and universities across the country.

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