Wings:  Who We Are

Wings Mission and Values

The mission of Wings is to provide access to educational opportunity for underserved youth around the world. Wings aspires to be deeply rooted in the communities that have long been supportive of the brand and to build relationships with organizations from those communities.

Michael Jordan is the best player in the history of basketball, and the brand represents a tangible outgrowth of that achievement. Similarly, Wings exists to help young people unlock the greatness within themselves through the power of education.

The brand represents perseverance against the odds and a willingness to struggle in pursuit of a goal. Michael Jordan’s determination to achieve is reflected in the quality of the brand’s product, and both exhort consumers to be their best. With this example, Wings aims to inspire a level of discipline and determination to pursue greatness in the communities where it works.

The brand’s authenticity is rooted in its connection to Michael Jordan, whose skill spoke for itself and marked him as the greatest player in basketball. As such, Wings programming is rooted in organizations that represent and reflect the communities where it operates and will support organizations that aim to aid young people manifest their authentic selves.

Jordan represents overcoming trying circumstances and achieving personal freedom. This kind of freedom, especially for the core brand consumer, opens up a range of possibilities for young peoples’ futures, and Wings programming is designed to link young people to those opportunities.