Invest in the Future of Students Through UNCF Houston

At UNCF Houston, we believe that “A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to invest in.”® Whether you are a donor, volunteer or stakeholder, to us, you are an investor, an investor in better futures for our students and, through their success, for all of us.

As an investor, present or potential, we owe you a report of how much you and your fellow investors entrusted to us to help students in Houston and around the country go to and through college, and of the return on your investment.

During the year of UNCF Houston’s 2017/18 Annual Campaign, you and your fellow investors contributed $1.3 million. That total is made up of the proceeds of the annual UNCF “A Mind Is…” Gala and the UNCF Walk for Education. It also includes contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations. It does not include the countless hours of volunteer work that made the Gala and Walk for Education the successes they were. And for those hours, we are grateful.

The 2017/18 campaign marked 45 years since UNCF Houston first opened its doors. In addition, the next “A Mind Is…” Gala will be the 30th in the  history of this venerable event, whose original title recognized UNCF’s founder Frederick D. Patterson and which has raised $9.8 million to help our 37 member HBCUs keep their academic programs strong, their tuition affordable and their student loans available.

Your investment has yielded a return that has impacted the Houston area, the state of Texas, and the entire country. Almost 4,000 Texas students attend one of UNCF’s 37 HBCUs, whose total enrollment is almost 50,000. UNCF also awards more than 10,000 scholarships every year, scholarships whose graduation rate is nearly double the rate for all African Americans.

That includes two students from right here in Houston, who received UNCF scholarships, graduated from college and went on to launch careers. “I honestly would not have come this far without the help of UNCF,” Dorcas Mbaeri told us. “I was able to focus on my career path, attend academic conferences, network with others and ultimately land the position I have now with Fidelity Investments.” Katia Gonzalez agreed. “Thanks to UNCF I was able to focus on my career,” she said, “and invest time in getting the college experience by being a resident assistant, student ambassador and helping other students.”

UNCF investors: Your attendance at UNCF events, your contributions to UNCF and your volunteer support are your investment. Dorcas Mbaeri  and Katia Gonzalez and their fellow scholarship recipients and UNCF HBCU students are your dividends. Click here to donate to UNCF Houston and keep the dividends growing.