Lowe’s Grant Helps Fund UNCF’s Campaign for Emergency Student Aid

Lowe's grant helps fund UNCF's Campaign for Emergency Student Aid, a lifeline for unanticipated needs.

Students from low-income families—the students whose education is UNCF’s core mission and is vital to the U.S. economy—know only too well how unpredictable life can be.

A parent’s layoff or pay cut, a change in student loan eligibility standards, or just a dip in the economy can derail plans for a college education—not just at the beginning or end of a semester, when most scholarships are awarded—but at any time and without any warning.

UNCF understands that. That’s why in 2009, we created the Campaign for Emergency Student Aid (CESA), to provide just-in-time student aid so that students can stay in school and graduate.

Lowe’s is a longtime supporter and, in December 2015, contributed $500,000 to CESA. Previously, Lowe’s contributed more than $1 million to CESA, enough to help more than 400 seniors at UNCF’s member institutions earn college degrees and to keep nearly 250 freshmen, sophomores and juniors in school and on track for graduation.