Meet the All Stars! The Campaign and Event Sponsors That Help UNCF Detroit

Baseball has an all-star team. So do football, basketball and hockey.

So why not an all-star team for helping UNCF Detroit raise money to help students go to and through college and help UNCF-member institutions keep their programs strong, their tuitions affordable and their student loans affordable?

Who would be on that all-star team? Here are three UNCF Detroit all-stars, along with the “home runs” that make them the champions they are.

General Motors Company

  • Top UNCF Detroit Walk for Education team for the past 22 years, averaging 40-55 percent of the Walk’s total. This year’s GM total: $375,571, with an additional $40,000 in restricted revenue.
  • Corporate captains add special activities each year that create multiple revenue streams like auto raffles, golf outings, white party, concerts and lunch with executives.
  • GM chairs appointed by top executive leaders for two-year terms; this year’s chair is Donetta Houser-Sly. Past chairs: Tamberlin Golden, Joya Shepherd

Harold and Carolyn Robison Foundation

  • Has been donating to the UNCF General Scholarship Fund and supporting its mission through UNCF Detroit for over 20 years.
  • Not only renewed their financial commitment but increased their investment to $25,000 for scholarships supporting Detroit-area college-bound or college students attending a UNCF-member school.
  • Donated $50,000 as final contribution upon liquidation of Foundation assets.