Student Stories: Jaelyn Swan

Jaelyn (Hampton University, '20) is an Oracle Corporate Scholars Program participant. Here is her story...

“I applied for the [UNCF-supported] Oracle internship because of the innovative products globally marketed to the IT customer base. This internship provides me with an opportunity to learn about marketing and advertising through brands, places and experiences. Oracle connects with people from all over the world, which brings many different perspectives to the work we do. I have gained more experience in managing digital marketing engagements, including overall communications strategy, social experience, video, digital design and development projects.

“The Oracle internship has been very beneficial and exciting in working with Oracle’s Utilities Global Business Unit Enablement Team. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’”

The Oracle Corporate Scholars Program provides extended learning experiences at Oracle headquarters during the summer. The program includes scholarship support for African American college students who are currently pursuing a major in one of the following disciplines: computer science, computer engineering, business, mathematics, marketing or human resources and related majors.

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