She’s Got Drive: Podcasts from Women of UNCF

UNCF would like to share a three-part podcast series highlighting the work of three women at UNCF. Shirley McAlpine, host of the “She’s Got Drive Podcast” that covers black women on topics like success, leadership and confidence, interviewed Dr. Meredith Anderson, senior research associate; Therese Badon, vice president of development, Southern division; and Taliah Givens, director of student professional development programs, to talk about their work at UNCF in the areas of K-12 advocacy, fundraising, HBCUs and scholarships and programs. The women also shared their strategies for success, what drives them and their journeys to UNCF.

meredith anderson headshotMeredith B.L. Anderson, Ph.D.: “Dr. Meredith Anderson Talks About the Importance of Inspiring our Children

Meredith discussed her journey to UNCF, beginning with her graduate school experience, to work in academia and policy, the salient work the K-12 advocacy team is doing to advance equitable educational outcomes for students, and the importance of diverse educators for student outcomes. She also shares how she balances various roles as a mother, wife and being an active member in her church and community. The conversation also covers topics like motivation, overcoming challenges, carving your own path and non-traditional definitions of success.

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Headshot of Therese BadonTherese Badon: “I Am Doing What I Am Passionate About in Life Says Therese Badon, Who Raises $12 Million a Year For UNCF

During Therese’s interview she shared her journey and success in the field of fundraising. She empowers listeners to support education by supporting UNCF, HBCUs and students as they matriculate to college. She details what success means to her and provided a heartwarming look into her personal life and the importance of family values and believing in yourself. 

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taliah givens headshotTaliah Givens: “Making Moves for Young Black Leaders

During this interview Taliah Givens shares her journey, making the move from growing up in the inner city of Paterson, NJ, to achieving full academic scholarships towards attaining her college degrees in computer engineering and electrical engineering technology. She also shares how and why she transitioned her career  from engineering to now leading the development of internship and scholarship programs at UNCF supporting the career aspirations of today’s talented minority students. She illuminates the importance of her department, UNCF Student Professional Development Programs, in cultivating the talent and opening doors of career opportunities for diverse college students and graduates while diversifying the workforce across various industries. Through her story, Taliah celebrates the important roles of family, faith, academics and community organizations in helping young people overcome life challenges and achieve education and career success.

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