UNCF Encourages You to #StandWithBennett

Bennett College, a UNCF-member institution in Greensboro, NC, has been educating black women for 146 years with the mission of providing “purpose, integrity and a strong sense of self-worth.”

The institution is currently facing a crisis that jeopardizes the education of each member of its student body. Bennett, which has been on probation for two years because of financial hardships, may lose its accreditation, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission announced on Dec. 11, 2018.

“The only thing we can do between now and Feb. 1 is to impact our financial resources and we need about $5 million—at least $5 million—to stabilize the institution,” Dr. Phyllis Dawkins, the college’s president, told My Fox 8 on Jan. 2. “Between Dec. 11 to the present, we’ve raised almost a half million dollars in that short period of time.”

“We #StandWithBennett because it is a worthwhile and necessary institution of higher learning,” said Dr. Michael Lomax, president and CEO of UNCF.  “The college prioritizes and develops African American women leaders. UNCF has stood with them for nearly 75 years, and I know we will be with them for the next 75. Bennett can meet this challenge if all of us who appreciate HBCUs and the value of an institutions like Bennett will step up to the plate and help.”
Two individuals wearing #StandWithBennett T-shirts

#StandWithBennett is more than a hashtag, it is a stance that UNCF has taken for nearly 75 years. As we edge closer to the finish line, we still need your support. Visit Stand with Bennett for more information.