UNCF, National Urban League, Education Post Release “Building Better Narratives in Black Education”

The report highlights African American perspectives on K-12 education issues.

UNCF, the National Urban League, and Education Post today released “Building Better Narratives in Black Education,” a joint report published by UNCF’s Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute, providing tangible approaches to shift the narrative concerning Black educational reform. The findings of the report aim to better engage communities around K-12 education and drive substantive policy changes for Black students.

“Building a better narrative means privileging African American voices and perspectives as central drivers of successful urban school reform, as these conversations have largely excluded communities of color,” said Dr. Lomax. “We’re excited about engaging with our partners in this important work, which we believe will encourage substantive dialogue and drive meaningful changes to the way Black education reform is viewed, promoting an ‘urgency of now’ in ed reform.” >> Read More



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(From FB Live, September 15, 2016) “Changing the narrative means disrupting the conversations to highlight flourishing programs and schools for Black youth; and to be clear, these educational settings do exist. There are places and systems throughout the country that are getting it right.”


(From FB Live September 15, 2016) Education has always been of utmost importance to the black community – from desegregating K-12 schools and college, to managing historically Black colleges and universities HBCUs, the African American community has always championed equality of opportunity and access for students because, in this country, it has long been the key to social mobility and economic independence.