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“A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to invest in.”® Why not invest your time or money in better futures for young people in Illinois, Wisconsin and around the country?

UNCF Chicago is here to help you send a student to college and turn his or her life around.

Want to volunteer for a formal event or a noontime luncheon with community leaders? Is a child you know looking for the right college? Can you contribute to keeping student aid available and academic programs strong at UNCF-member colleges or universities?

UNCF Chicago will make the connection. Contact us today to learn how you can help.


Your investment makes a difference in your community


It is an exciting opportunity to work with Chicago-area leaders on the UNCF Leadership Council. We develop strategies that directly benefit UNCF member schools and help students complete their educational journey – a win-win!

Yvette Henry

Yvette Henry UNCF Chicago Leadership Council Chair


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