100 Black Men of Metro New Orleans, Inc.

The mission of the 100 Black Men of Metro New Orleans, Inc., is to provide support and improve the quality of life for African Americans, and youth in particular, in the New Orleans Community. The organization has remained committed to affecting change in New Orleans and impacting the lives of students across the region. In conjunction with their annual programs, 100 Black Men partnered with community leaders to create the “Five Guiding Principles of Excellence, Access and Success for All Children in the city of New Orleans.” These principles include: sovereignty of local control, equity in funding, system accountability, data transparency and integrity, and safe and secure learning environments.

Additionally, the organization’s mentorship program addresses the social, emotional and cultural needs of children ages 8-18. The organization also provides tutoring and college application assistance to students in the New Orleans area. Each year, 100 Black Men provides annual scholarships awards to students who will be full-time students from the region. Most recently, The 100 hosted one of the biggest resource fairs in New Orleans promoting education, literacy, economic empowerment and health and wellness. The 2019 event theme celebrated the rich history of New Orleans culture and Mardi Gras traditions during the weekend we honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy.

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