Amanda Evans

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Amanda Michelle Evans is an inspiring figure in the photography industry. She is the embodiment of creativity, passion, and motivation, as evidenced by her latest recognition as a proud 2024 UNCF Mastermind. Since earning a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012, Amanda has paved quite a path for herself, fusing her personal passions with her professional aspirations.

Amanda’s illustrious career as a photographer began as a mere childhood hobby, but this particular pastime would go on to redefine her life. In 2015, after purchasing her first high-end camera, she began her professional pursuit of photography. Amanda is the talented visionary behind Amanda Evans Photography, a modern wedding and lifestyle photography business recognized for its commitment to preserving the magic of special moments and the natural beauty in everyday life. Committed to excellence, professionalism and reliability, Amanda has not only provided for her family, and set a great example for other photographers and entrepreneurs, but she has also unified creatives through her business, living by the belief, “Community over Competition.”

In addition to wedding, engagement, family and branding photography, the full-time entrepreneur has expanded to include Everyday Studio MKE, a creative space that she and her husband opened during the pandemic. Since 2021, the studio has been a collaborative space for creatives to create, rent, and share their talents with one another. It is Amanda’s ability to fill her camera with a range of skin tones and make her clients feel as though they have known her for years that sets her apart, but it is her passion for fostering a collective of creatives that makes her a noteworthy businesswoman. She held her first significant photography workshop in 2023 and currently facilitates one-on-one mentoring and a mini workshop series entitled ‘Studio Hall: A Study Hall for Creatives’.

Amanda’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, earning her features in Wisconsin Bride, Milwaukee Magazine, MunaLuchi Bride and as well as being accredited with an MBE Certification. She is one of five Black Women Photographers, who currently hold this achievement within the state of Wisconsin. Amanda’s story is that of a five-plus year full-time, black female entrepreneur who has embodied excellence and goodwill in photography and its community.

When the trailblazing mompreneur isn’t busy working, she loves to spend quality time with her husband, family, and her three children, Harrison, Jori, and Grey. She enjoys traveling, watching sports podcasts on YouTube and relaxing with her favorite game app, Words with Friends. Amanda Michelle Evans is no ordinary photographer; she is a storyteller, a community builder, and a trendsetter who is leaving an indelible impact on the world, one click at a time.