Lu Duong

Lu Duong is principal director for The Fund II Foundation-UNCF STEM Program and The HBCU Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship unit. The Fund II – STEM Program is the Foundation’s flagship $50 million investment with UNCF. He drives operations, partnership relations, communication and strategic growth efforts for the program including The HBCU Innovation initiative to strengthen and diversify Silicon Valley’s tech-pipeline with partners including Google, Salesforce, Uber, eBay and others.

He heads the alignment, development and execution of operational strategies to enhance, extend and build the program’s initiatives across all integrated channels, digital platforms and strategic growth initiatives.

Previously, he was director of operations and chief of staff for the STEM and tech unit. Prior, he served as manager of GMSP within the Leadership Development Group, a $2 billion initiative by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, overseeing communications and digital. He was the architect of the GMSP Alumni Advisory Council and Association; connecting nearly 20,000 Gates Foundation scholars worldwide.

Prior to GMSP, Lu managed marketing and communications for the Socrates Society at The Aspen Institute, an emerging leaders platform for executives in all industries including venture capital, technology, education, business and non-profit. He also was a Congressional Liaison, prior to that, in the strategic communications team of CRSC for a large scale program under Booz Allen Hamilton.

He was communications intern to former Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Gubernatorial Committee Appointments intern to Virginia’s former Gov. Mark Warner.

He serves on the board of directors for the Pawtricity Foundation in Washington, DC.