Stacy Clark

“You can reach every goal. Climb the highest mountain. Conquer your dreams. All while still being authentically YOU.” These are the words Stacy Clark repeats every morning before going out into the world. Stacy, a Milwaukee native, spent his teenaged years battling self-identity, family & peer acceptance, and a sense of belonging. Stacy has spent the last 7 years fighting for health equity and Inclusion for the LGBTQ community in Southeast Wisconsin. From working in the field at community-based organizations to now working for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Stacy knows the importance of empowerment, security, equity, and opportunities. Stacy has had the pleasure of being appointed to work alongside the inaugural Governors Health Equity Council by Governor Tony Evers in 2019 as well as being elected as the Vice-Chair for the Black Caucus of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. Taking unheard voices and experiences to places where they are not often heard is a lifelong mission for Stacy. In early 2021, Stacy became a TED Talk speaker through UW-Milwaukee TEDX where he walked through the social determinants of health and outcomes for Black same gender loving men of color. He truly believes in the butterfly effect, which is the theory that a small change in a local setting can create a large impact on a global level. Through empowerment, uplifting each other, self-love, and the audacity to live authentically, Stacy belives we are the Resilient Distractions of the world.