TeResa Gaddis

TeResa Gaddis is the Development Director in the Chicago office. She is a proud graduate of Tennessee State University, with a BBA (Marketing focus), and a seasoned marketer with 30 years of experience, spanning an array of consumer and B2B industries and brands.

TeResa has worked on high-profile accounts such as Intel, Whirlpool, SC Johnson and more – among top advertising and media companies like Publicis, OMD, ID Media and agencies under Group M. Her background also includes contributing to non-profit organizations, advocating action to address human rights, social justice, gender equity, environmental stewardship and sustainability with Art Works for Change; as well as promoting the celebration of African American culture and connecting the community to education and empowerment resources with the Bud Billiken Parade (Chicago).

Prior to joining UNCF, TeResa founded and operated teegee collab, a marketing strategy consulting practice, working with small-to-medium sized businesses to develop comprehensive go-to-market strategies, from developing business goals to marketing implementation.

TeResa brings wide-ranging perspective and versatility, with a markedly solutions-focused approach – having long-term, strategic vision and resulting in measurable outcomes that drive business growth. As the Development Director, TeResa is responsible for forging, strengthening and maintaining strong donor relationships in the Chicago market.