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Stillman College

A Tradition of Academic Excellence

With outstanding academic programs, modern well-equipped facilities and small class sizes, Stillman offers an exceptional college experience. Noted for its outstanding programs in biological sciences, business administration and teacher education, Stillman instituted the Harte Honors college and pre-professional programs in law and medicine. Additionally, the college’s accredited nursing program offers students an opportunity to provide service for the greater good.

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The College’s purpose is to provide a student-centered, fulfilling, technologically enriched educational experience that will among other outcomes, produce graduates who will:

  • Think carefully and logically about and express with clarity their observations, experiences, and findings concerning the world they live in via written and spoken forms;
  • Exhibit competence in their disciplines, character in their work with others, and compassion toward all people consistent with an education in a Christian environment;
  • Qualify for admission to and success in graduate and professional schools or for entry into selected careers;
  • Manifest the ability to do independent research, demonstrate objective scholarship, and exhibit creative production/performance appropriate to their disciplines.

Stillman welcomes the freshman class

News and Events

President Warrick to Retire in June 2023

headshot of Cynthia Warrick

Stillman College President Dr. Cynthia Warrick, the first woman to hold the position at the college, will retire from the presidency at the end of her current contract term on June 30, 2023. Warrick announced her retirement at a news conference held on campus on Thursday, Sept. 8. Warrick said her time at Stillman has been incredibly rewarding, and she’s excited for the future of the college.

“Stillman is a special place and Tuscaloosa is a great college town. I will cherish the outpouring of support from the local community, the state, and the alumni that has contributed to the success that we have achieved during my tenure,” Warrick said. “Stillman is now at a place where a new president can build on the solid foundation of teaching, research, and community service that we have established in the past five years.”

Warrick was named the seventh president of Stillman College in April 2017 after four months as interim president. Her tenure at Stillman has seen the college grow, diversify its course offerings, and enhance its academic reputation nationally. Since 2017, Stillman has added multiple programs to re-shape its liberal arts profile and reflect growing trends in the workforce in the State of Alabama, such as business concentrations in data analytics, supply chain management, and cybersecurity, as well as new offerings in film and music industry. Since 2019, Stillman has been recognized each year as a “College of Distinction.” >>Read more

Stillman College Staff