Statement by UNCF Regarding Dr. Michael Lomax’s Participation at the Koch Summit

“UNCF has more than 100,000 donors with a wide range of views, but they all have one thing in common: they believe in helping young students of color realize their dreams of a college education.

“For more than 70 years, UNCF has never had a litmus test and has asked all Americans to support our cause.

“This year alone, UNCF awarded $100 million in scholarships to more than 10,000 students at over 1,100 schools across the country, yet had to deny nine out of every 10 qualified applicants due to lack of resources.

“Dr. Lomax regularly speaks about UNCF and the importance of HBCUs at forums sponsored by donors and supporters, and he was pleased to make the case for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) at the Koch Summit.

“Over the past few months alone, Dr. Lomax has met with dozens of Democrats and Republicans to discuss the important work of HBCUs and why they not only deserve, but have earned, ongoing legislative and financial support.”