UNCF Supports Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s College Signing Day Campaign

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Saluting high school graduates heading to historically Black colleges and universities

UNCF today launched a month-long celebration of high school graduates heading to historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in support of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s “College Signing Day” campaign.

#HBCUBound is a nationwide student advocacy and recruitment initiative in collaboration with UNCF’s National Alumni Council (NAC) to support students committing to attend HBCUs including UNCF’s 37 member institutions.

This initiative is a major component of UNCF’s HBCU Effect which seeks to understand, validate and promote the success of HBCUs to develop a counter narrative that fully demonstrates the value and competitiveness of our institutions.

America’s 101 HBCUs represent only 3% of all four-year nonprofit colleges and universities. However, HBCUs enroll 10% of all Black college students, and award 16% of all bachelor’s degrees and 20% of all bachelor’s degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) to Black college graduates as HBCUs continue changing the college landscape.

#HBCUBound gives special recognition to Black high school graduates who are attending HBCUs and amplifies former First Lady Michelle Obama’s College Signing Day campaign celebrating students committed to pursuing an education past high school and inspiring them to own their future.

“#HBCUBound aligns perfectly with the former First Lady’s campaign as we recognize this special moment in time to celebrate high school seniors’ accomplishments and the decision to further their education,” said Anthony H. Brown, president, National Alumni Council, UNCF. “NAC believes it is paramount that alumni and supporters rally together to encourage these college bound students.”

“College decision day is the biggest day in the lives of graduating high school seniors. UNCF is proud to join in the celebration,” said Maurice E. Jenkins, Jr., executive vice president and chief development officer, UNCF. “We applaud former First Lady Michelle Obama for her passionate support of these students on their special day.”

More #HBCUBound events are coming including announcement of the participation of celebrities who will serve as ambassadors and advocates for the future of HBCUs throughout the month of May. To share news and information about this initiative on social media use the hashtags #HBCUBound, #CollegeSigningDay and #BetterMakeRoom.

For updates and additional information about #HBCUBound please visit UNCF.org/alumni.



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About College Signing Day

College Signing Day celebrates all students committed to pursuing an education past high school. Whether they plan to attend a community college, a four-year university, a certificate program, the military, or any other education past high school. College Signing Day shows full support of students making decision for their future. That’s the entire reason by former First Lady Michelle Obama started Reach Higher and Better Make Room: to inspire students to own their future.

About Better Make Room

Better Make Room aims to unite and bring together students in a space where you can create, connect and make a commitment to your future.

Reach Higher

The Reach Higher Initiative is former First Lady Michelle Obama’s effort to inspire every student in the U.S. to take charge of their future by completing their education past high, whether at a professional training program, a community college, or a four-year college or university.