COVID-19: Tips for Students

The ongoing impact of the coronavirus is putting increased demands on all of us, and HBCUs and their students are doing their best to be flexible in dealing with the disruptions they are facing. As we move forward in this new reality, there are few practical tips that may help make the transition easier.

Practical Tips for Studying from Home
First, be patient with yourself and with others during this time. Second, create a structure for yourself to help you succeed as an online learner. Below are more suggestions to help you make the switch from classroom to home and online learning.


Male Morris College student studying in a library

(Temporarily) Going to College at Home: What to Keep in Mind
The switch to remote, online classes is a major change. Aside from the very practical aspects of it, there are several things you can do to make it go smoothly.

The crisis has impacted all students from preschool through high school, as well, but this may be a good time to think of the future. Here are some tools to help students keep up with their education and prepare for their college experience.

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UNCF College Readiness Toolkit

Use these tools to prepare for your college experience!

School Closure Learning Guide during Coronavirus (COVID-19)
As COVID–19 continues to impact families and districts, our partner has developed a digital guide for parents with grade-based toolkits, including standards-aligned math, science, reading and writing worksheets, short videos, book lists, and vocabulary lists.