HBCU Innovation Summit: Statements of Support

See what our sponsors say about our program.

“Equality is a core value at Salesforce. We’re committed to building a more diverse workforce and a truly inclusive culture – mirroring the communities where we live and work. We’re thrilled to partner with UNCF and welcome students from HBCUs to our campus as they start their career journeys.”- Tony Prophet, Salesforce Chief Equality Officer

“Google and YouTube are pleased to welcome this year’s UNCF HBCU Innovation Summit students and faculty to our offices for the fourth year in a row. We’re honored to host this year’s opening ceremonies where students will have the chance to experience our culture first hand, share perspectives on new products and technologies, and interact with other creative tech innovators.” – Kyle Ewing, Director, People Operations

“Since eBay’s founding, the power of inclusion, diversity and opportunity has been a central part of eBay’s cultural values, purpose and business success. eBay is one of the pioneers in harnessing technology to level the playing field by creating a global marketplace that aspires to be truly inclusive and diverse. I believe eBay’s efforts to foster an even more diverse workforce and inclusive workplace can contribute to increased innovation and even better engagement with eBay’s hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers around the world. We are thrilled to host this year’s cohort of HBCU Innovation Summit students—my eBay colleagues and I look forward to meeting you!” —Damien Hooper-Campbell, Chief Diversity Officer and Morehouse College alum.

“NetApp is delighted to be a proud sponsor of the 2017 UNCF HBCU Innovation Summit and looking forward to hosting the HBCU scholars and faculty at our headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. It is my experience, that a team that blends different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives builds over time competitive advantage by improving capacity to innovate, manage change and eliminating blind spots. Diverse and inclusive teams have a passion for results and a talent for unleashing others’ strengths for better business results and increased innovation. I believe that the strongest and most creative teams have the best talent, are unified in purpose, and diverse in thought and background representing the customers and communities that we serve. At NetApp, we are seeking to hire diverse data visionaries who are bringing new energy, fresh ideas, and different perspectives from the campus to our company.”  — Octavian Tanase, Senior Vice President, ONTAP


“At Veritas, we strive to attract, develop, promote, retain, and fully engage diverse and talented individuals to enhance our innovation and enable organizations to harness the power of their information. In pursuit of this goal, Veritas is once again proud to welcome and host the students that are participating in this year’s HBCU Innovation Summit—and encourage their individual contributions and unique perspectives that are needed in the world today.”  — Bill Coleman, CEO


“At Uber, we want to create a workplace that is inclusive and reflects the diversity of the cities we serve: where everyone can be their authentic self, and where that authenticity is celebrated as a strength. By creating an environment where people from every background can thrive, we’ll make Uber a better company—not just for our employees but for our customers, too. “We couldn’t be more excited to explore what Uber has going on under the hood this year with #HBCUInnovation Summit students. From self-driving Ubers to flying cars, we want to show students what inspires our team and how a renewed focus on an inclusive company culture will help us achieve even more.”  — Bernard Coleman III, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion and Hampton University alum.

“Pure Storage is honored to welcome again the participants of the HBCU Innovation Summit. We believe that our growth and success is grounded on our people and our ability to stimulate and embrace new ideas and approaches to solving our business problems. Our employees and leadership are excited to get to meet and learn from this phenomenal group of future professionals!” —Johanna Jackman (JJ), Chief Human Resources Officer

“We’re thrilled to partner with UNCF and welcome students attending the HBCU Innovation Summit to Adobe! Our culture is instilled in the belief that great ideas come from everywhere, so it’s vital that we continue to focus on developing a diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone feels a sense of belonging.” — Katie Juran, Senior Director, Diversity and Inclusion