UNCF 80th Anniversary: Honoring the Legacy, Transforming our Future

UNCF was founded on April 25, 1944.

For eight decades, UNCF has been the nation’s largest provider of scholarships to minority students and the guiding light in propelling our nation’s HBCUs forward.

Throughout 2024 we will recognize and pay tribute to UNCF’s founders, supporters and beneficiaries, while inspiring a new generation to continue our mission of transforming the future of our nation through educational excellence.

Together, let’s celebrate. And let’s continue to make a difference and empower dreams for the next 80 years and beyond.


Help us make a difference for a half million more students.


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UNCF administers over 400 academic scholarship and fellowship programs annually but can only fulfill one in every 10 requests for financial support. Operating without federal funds, UNCF relies on contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations to sustain its member HBCUs and the attending students. Amidst these financial constraints, the organization persists in its mission, emphasizing the crucial role of external support in maintaining the momentum of HBCU education. Supporting HBCUs has a positive impact on not only students but the surrounding communities as well.

An independently conducted research report revealed that HBCUs yield substantial economic benefits for the communities, regions, and states in which they are located. The cumulative national economic impact resulting from HBCU spending stands at $14.8 billion, and the additional lifetime earnings attributed to HBCU graduates amount to $130 billion. These findings emphasize the broader societal implications of HBCUs, transcending individual achievements to contribute significantly to economic prosperity.

As college access continues to play a crucial role in our collective pursuit of social and economic justice, students of color must be able to navigate college successfully and transition into prosperous and service-oriented careers. HBCUs play a vital role in advancing the path toward complete equality because of the educational opportunities the institutions provide.

Anniversary Events 

As it marks this incredible milestone, UNCF will celebrate all year long at its fundraising events across the country.

Highlighted UNCF Anniversary Galas:

Washington D.C. | March 7, 2024 | Walter E. Washington Convention Center 

Hosted by generous national and local corporate sponsors, professional organizations and individual supporters, the National AMI Gala is an evening of celebration attended by national celebrities, civic leaders, alumni, dignitaries, volunteers and friends of UNCF

Visit UNCF.org/Events for information about events held around the country in 2024.

Milestones are important. Ours are marked by lives that are positively changed.

• 500,000+ college graduates

• 50,000+ students attending college each year
• 37 member HBCUs supported
• 10,000+ scholarships provided annually
• 400 educational programs