UNCF Offers Free Webinars Highlighting Scholarships

Now it’s easier than ever to find out about UNCF’s scholarships, internships, career offers and programs. Join us at monthly webinars and hear about the latest opportunities!

UNCF’s Outreach and Recruitment team offers free webinars every second Tuesday*, where Mary Williams and Enjelica Reid of UNCF talk about UNCF’s opportunities open to students, from high school to post-grad. They will discuss UNCF’s 400 programs, scholarships, internships, fellowships and career opportunities posted annually, and offer tips and advice on how to make the most of the offers.

UNCF can help you get to and through college—find out how by attending a free webinar.


Register for the webinar on Mar. 14, 2023, here.

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*Note: The webinar for February 2023 will be the first Tuesday of the month. Webinars will be offered through April 2023.