Bethune-Cookman University Junior Karen Romero is Proud to Represent Colombia

"I love the culture and history that molded this institution and I will be forever grateful to be part of this family."

Karen Romero, currently a junior mass communications student at [UNCF-member institution] Bethune-Cookman University from Bogota, Colombia, is celebrating her decision to come to B-CU as she has found a family on campus. At B-CU she is pursuing an undergraduate degree in multimedia journalism.

Throughout her career at B-CU, Karen has been heavily involved in the Wildcat community affairs. She currently is a proud representative of the B-CU Athletics Women’s Tennis team. In addition, Karen has been continuously working with B-CU student newspaper Voice of The Wildcats where she is the sports editor. Finally, Karen can often be seen behind the camera shooting pictures and videos for CatEye Network. Outside of athletics and her studies, Karen is excited to represent Hispanic Organization for Latin Awareness, as she is currently Miss HOLA for 2018-2019.

While her home country Colombia is known worldwide for its notorious past involving cartels, today Karen’s home sees a new chapter. Delicious coffee, free art museums, fresh fruit, and beautiful mountains surrounding the horizon are just few of the perks citizens of Bogota, the capitol city of Colombia, get to enjoy. Founded on August 6, 1538, by Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, today Bogota is a Latin American jewel for more than 8 million people.

Following is a short Q&A with Karen:
B-C U: What are some major cultural differences between Daytona Beach and your home?
Karen: When I arrived to Bethune-Cookman University, the first cultural difference I noticed was how welcoming people are. In Colombia people tend to be more outgoing and friendly with strangers. Here in the U.S. I feel that people are more reserved and stick to familiar faces, whereas back in Colombia strangers treat you like you are family. Another cultural difference that I’m still trying to acclimate to is the music. Although I have learned to enjoy the music here, there’s still some days where all I want to listen to is some salsa or reggeaton. Lastly, I realized that here in the U.S. the color of your skin has a huge impact on how people view you and treat you. In Colombia, the color of your skin has little to no relevance, people will judge you for what you have most of the time and not how you look.

Do you love B-CU? If so, why?
I love B-CU because I found a home away from home. I’ve met amazing people while attending this institution and it has also help me grow as a person in every single aspect. I love the culture and history that molded this institution and I will be forever grateful to be part of this family.

If someone from your home asked for your advice before they attend B-CU, what would you tell them?
If anyone from Colombia asked me why B-CU is a good choice, I would tell them that if they want to find a family away from home, obtain quality education and learn from a different culture, then Bethune-Cookman University would be the perfect fit.

Augustinas Navickas is a mass communications student from Lithuania who attends B-CU and is part of the school’s Communications Student Internship Program.