February is UNCF Faith and Education Initiative Month

Sunday, February 26 is UNCF Sunday.

UNCF and the faith community continue to partner together. UNCF has always been there for the community, and the faith community has always been there for UNCF, its member institutions and its students. Please Invest in Better Futures® by investing in our students during February. These students will be the teachers who will educate our children, the doctors who will care for us and the ministers who will lead our congregations. Our member institutions and students need you. And now, more than ever, UNCF needs you.



Click here to get materials to use with your congregation.


There are many ways you can help:Help make a difference by hosting a UNCF Sunday at your house of worship. Contact your local or regional office and get information on how to host an event in February.

  • Host a UNCF Sunday at your house of worship
  • Contact your UNCF local office to invite a representative to speak before your congregation
  • Recruit pastors and other faith leaders in your community or denomination to support this crucial UNCF initiative
  • Spread the word to the youth in your congregation about the more than 400 UNCF scholarships, fellowships and internships available to them
  • Encourage UNCF alumni to participate in the UNCF National Alumni Council and get involved with their alma maters
  • Advocate for education reform
  • Add a UNCF link (UNCF.org) to your church’s website and follow UNCF through our social media sites:
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/UNCF
  • Twitter: twitter.com/UNCF
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/uncf/
  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/united-negro-college-fund/