Huntsman Savile Row and Morehouse College Announce New Scholarship

UNCF-member institution Morehouse College is partnering with the London and New York-based elite fashion house, and renowned bespoke tailor, Huntsman Savile Row to prepare enterprising business, mathematics and computer science majors for success in their future careers. Huntsman has contributed a $100,000 gift to Morehouse to establish The Huntsman Savile Row Scholarship.

The scholarship provides financial support to rising Morehouse Men and gives them access to signature professional development opportunities. Each Huntsman Scholar receives a fully custom-made Huntsman suit to outfit them as they pursue excellence in graduate school and the workplace. In addition, Huntsman Scholars also participate in mentoring activities and coaching sessions with company executives where they are given insights into the luxury fashion and bespoke tailoring industry and discuss the shared ethos of Morehouse and Huntsman—a focus on excellence, integrity, leadership, and service.

“We are delighted to partner with Morehouse College on the new Huntsman Scholarship, and applaud the talented young recipients,” said Pierre Lagrange, owner of Huntsman. “A well-tailored suit is about more than just a garment—it’s about empowerment, confidence, individuality, and what you feel capable of while wearing it. We hope to impart these notions to the Morehouse Men who are the future of tomorrow.”

Huntsman suits showcase the individuality of their owners and can be passed down to future generations as a symbol of pride and promise, Lagrange added.

A-students Dawud Crayton, Yusuf Lewis, Cortney Mays, and Christian Porter are members of the inaugural class of Huntsman Scholars. They are still reaping benefits from the scholarship even after they graduated last May. New Huntsman Scholars will follow in their footsteps.

“I was honored to receive The Huntsman Savile Row Scholarship, and I would like to thank Huntsman for investing in my education,” said Porter. “It was also an honor to receive a suit tailored for me. A bespoke suit is one that is yours and yours alone. Whether you put on a suit of armor in the military or a suit-and tie-on Wall Street, a suit shows you are a professional in your line of business, and I am proud to say that I am a Huntsman.”

The Huntsman Savile Row Scholarship is part of a growing relationship between Morehouse and Huntsman. The partnership could expand to include internships for students and “Master Class” lectures at Morehouse, among other opportunities, said Monique Dozier, vice president of the Morehouse College Office of Institutional Advancement.

“We are looking forward to creating a strong pipeline that would allow more Morehouse Men to work as business executives, designers, and market influencers in elite fashion houses and in fashion media,” Dozier said. “Partnering with Huntsman Savile Row will give our students the unique opportunity to network with the fashion house recognized as one of the leading bespoke tailors in the industry. I would like to thank Huntsman for their investment in the future of rising Morehouse Men.”