LeMoyne-Owen College Beneficiary of $40M Endowment

The gift from the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis is the largest beneficial gift in the school's 158-year history.

UNCF-member institution LeMoyne-Owen College, the only Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in Memphis, Tenn., has been named the beneficiary of an endowment of $40 million, one of the largest gifts to any HBCU and the largest for the school in its 158-year history. The endowment was created from assets from the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, an organization that works to strengthen the community through philanthropy.

Like other colleges across the country, LeMoyne-Owen College is working to ensure their students, many of whom are first-generation college attendees, return to school following the pandemic. Recent initiatives include partnerships to provide Wi-fi access and electronic devices to students for remote learning, emergency assistance for displaced students and scholarships for students in need.

LeMoyne Owen College seal“Even before the pandemic, there has been transformative work happening at LeMoyne-Owen College,” Bob Fockler, Community Foundation of Greater Memphis president says. “The college offers unique opportunities for African-American students, and we are committed to ensuring that work continues to benefit students and their families for years to come.”

The endowment fund is a major stepping stone on the path toward advancements in the quality education the College can provide for a larger number students, at a critical time when HBCUs nationally face unique funding challenges and equity issues. LeMoyne-Owen College has the lowest tuition rate of any of the private colleges in the state of Tennessee, nearly 90 percent of students qualify for financial aid or currently receive Federal Pell Grants.

“Many of our students and their families were already struggling, even before COVID-19. Recent demonstrations have heightened our awareness and commitment to do more to address the inequality and racism that has led to their financial challenges and the critical need to create a more equal and just world,” says Dr. Carol Johnson Dean, interim president of LeMoyne-Owen College. “The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis has generously and courageously helped LeMoyne-Owen College take a huge step forward in educating our future leaders and providing a stronger financial foundation from which to grow.”

This beneficial gift allows unrestricted use of the funds for purposes determined by LeMoyne-Owen College. The money will be distributed to LeMoyne-Owen College annually in an amount equal to 5% of the average balance of the Fund. Annual distributions will be made as long as the college maintains its active nonprofit status and continues to perform its mission as publicly stated.

Situated in the poorest zip code in Memphis, LeMoyne-Owen College was originally established in 1862 as an elementary school for freedmen and runaway slaves after the occupation of Memphis during the Civil War. Today, it’s home to more than 800 students from across the United States, Virgin Islands and African countries. The college’s rich history of developing leaders boasts notable alumni including former National NAACP President, Benjamin L. Hooks, several State of Tennessee legislators and a host of city and county officials. Learn more about LeMoyne-Owen College and its programs at www.loc.edu.