UNCF CEO: Student Debt, Parents’ Actions, Affect African American Students

"Whether they went to college themselves or not, parents will have a great influence in shaping their children’s attitude toward post-secondary education."

Michael Lomax, Ph.D., is president and CEO of UNCF. He recently addressed two powerful influences in students of color’s successful pursuit of a college education—parents’ attitude toward higher education, and the often crippling levels of student debt students and their families face. Read his comments  on recent research about parents’ power of determining whether children will go to and through college, and on the actions UNCF is taking to help families manage student debt.


Parents can Lead their Children To and Through College
Who are the most important people in determining whether children will go to and through college? Teachers? Principals? Guidance counselors? College professors? The fact of the matter is that all of these individuals are important for student success. They all play crucial roles in determining whether students get the opportunity they need to earn the college degree that employers look for when they’re hiring people for the best-paying and fastest-growing jobs and career paths. But a critical, and sometimes unrecognized factor, is parents… >> Read More

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