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HBCU Congressional
Honor Roll

The UNCF Honor Roll recognizes Members of Congress who go above and beyond in advocating for HBCUs and the students they serve. While voting records are extremely important and are considered, UNCF recognizes that members may choose how to vote on legislation for various reasons unrelated to the needs of HBCUs and their students, especially as many bills are complex and cover multiple issues. However, members can still show clear support for HBCUs and their students through other efforts.

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To be listed on the Honor Roll, UNCF uses a combination of these criteria:
  • Legislative sponsorship and co-sponsorship
  • Submission of Congressional letters identified as key to UNCF’s mission
  • Floor activity on our behalf, including speeches and amendments offered
  • Committee activity on our behalf to include speeches and amendments offered
  • Bipartisan HBCU Caucus membership
  • Event participation, including trips led and/or attended to HBCUs, events hosted by UNCF and attendance at HBCU events held in general

Honor Roll

Cory A. Booker
Senator Cory A. Booker
(D) New Jersey
John Boozman
Senator John Boozman
(R) Arkansas
Sherrod C. Brown
Senator Sherrod C. Brown
(D) Ohio
Kamala D. Harris
Senator Kamala D. Harris
(D) California
Gordon Douglas Jones
Senator Gordon Douglas Jones
(D) Alabama
Timothy M. Kaine
Senator Timothy M. Kaine
(D) Virginia
Bernard Sanders
Senator Bernard Sanders
(I) Vermont
Timothy E. Scott
Senator Timothy E. Scott
(R) South Carolina
Thomas R. Tillis
Senator Thomas R. Tillis
(R) North Carolina
Mark R. Warner
Senator Mark R. Warner
(D) Virginia
Alma S. Adams
Representative Alma S. Adams
(D) North Carolina, District 12
Karen R. Bass
Representative Karen R. Bass
(D) California, District 37
Joyce Beatty
Representative Joyce Beatty
(D) Ohio, District 3
Sanford D. Bishop
Representative Sanford D. Bishop
(D) Georgia, District 2
Lisa Blunt Rochester
Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester
(D) Delaware, District 1
Anthony G. Brown
Representative Anthony G. Brown
(D) Maryland, District 4
Theodore P. Budd
Representative Theodore P. Budd
(R) North Carolina, District 13
George Kenneth Butterfield
Representative George Kenneth Butterfield
(D) North Carolina, District 1
André D. Carson
Representative André D. Carson
(D) Indiana, District 7
Yvette D. Clarke
Representative Yvette D. Clarke
(D) New York, District 9
William Lacy Clay
Representative William Lacy Clay
(D) Missouri, District 1
Emanuel Cleaver
Representative Emanuel Cleaver
(D) Missouri, District 5
James E. Clyburn
Representative James E. Clyburn
(D) South Carolina, District 6
Elijah E. Cummings
Representative Elijah E. Cummings
(D) Maryland, District 7
Daniel K. Davis
Representative Daniel K. Davis
(D) Illinois, District 7
Valdez B. Demings
Representative Valdez B. Demings
(D) Florida, District 10
Dwight Evans
Representative Dwight Evans
(D) Pennsylvania, District 3
Charles Fleischmann
Representative Charles Fleischmann
(R) Tennessee, District 3
Marcia L. Fudge
Representative Marcia L. Fudge
(D) Ohio, District 11
Louie Gohmert
Representative Louie Gohmert
(R) Texas, District 1
Al Green
Representative Al Green
(D) Texas, District 9
Alcee L. Hastings
Representative Alcee L. Hastings
(D) Florida, District 20
James French Hill
Representative James French Hill
(R) Arkansas, District 2
Hakeem Jeffries
Representative Hakeem Jeffries
(D) New York, District 8
Eddie Bernice Johnson
Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson
(D) Texas, District 30
Hank Johnson
Representative Hank Johnson
(D) Georgia, District 4
Robin L. Kelly
Representative Robin L. Kelly
(D) Illinois, District 2
Brenda L. Lawrence
Representative Brenda L. Lawrence
(D) Michigan, District 14
Alfred J. Lawson
Representative Alfred J. Lawson
(D) Florida, District 5
Barbara Lee
Representative Barbara Lee
(D) California, District 13
John Lewis
Representative John Lewis
(D) Georgia, District 5
Aston Donald McEachin
Representative Aston Donald McEachin
(D) Virginia, District 4
Gregory W. Meeks
Representative Gregory W. Meeks
(D) New York, District 5
Gwen S. Moore
Representative Gwen S. Moore
(D) Wisconsin, District 4
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton
(D) District of Columbia, District 1
Donald M. Payne
Representative Donald M. Payne
(D) New Jersey, District 10
Stacey M. Plaskett
Delegate Stacey M. Plaskett
(D) Virgin Islands, District 1
David E. Price
Representative David E. Price
(D) North Carolina, District 4
Cedric L. Richmond
Representative Cedric L. Richmond
(D) Louisiana, District 2
Bobby L. Rush
Representative Bobby L. Rush
(D) Illinois, District 1
David A. Scott
Representative David A. Scott
(D) Georgia, District 13
Robert C. Scott
Representative Robert C. Scott
(D) Virginia, District 3
Terrycina A. Sewell
Representative Terrycina A. Sewell
(D) Alabama, District 7
Bennie G. Thompson
Representative Bennie G. Thompson
(D) Mississippi, District 2
Michael R. Turner
Representative Michael R. Turner
(R) Ohio, District 10
Marc Veasey
Representative Marc Veasey
(D) Texas, District 33
Maxine M. Waters
Representative Maxine M. Waters
(D) California, District 43
Bonnie Watson Coleman
Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman
(D) New Jersey, District 12
Frederica S. Wilson
Representative Frederica S. Wilson
(D) Florida, District 24