Norman C. Francis Teacher Residency Program

More Qualified Teachers Needed: Xavier Responds to The Call

A few facts to think about:

  • According to the Cowen Institute’s 2018 annual report, “The State of Public Education in New Orleans,” for the past several years, Louisiana has experienced a decline in the total number of people earning teaching credentials.
  • Reported by Tulane University, the rate of teachers leaving the teaching profession or leaving the city was as high as 25% annually.
  • Another alarming fact:  schools with high proportions of students of color are often concentrated in schools with less qualified teachers.
  • Evidence of systemic bias in teacher expectation exists. Non-black teachers were found to have lower expectations of black students than black teachers.

Unfortunately, this information above isn’t uncommon, and it’s no secret that in K-12 education, states across the nation are facing teacher shortages, low numbers of state-licensed educators, high teacher retention rates, etc. The overarching challenge is school systems are now having to figure out solutions and quick. How do we address the teacher shortage? How do we recruit more teachers? >> Read More

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