Texas College

Texas College is a historically black college, founded in 1894 by a group of CME ministers. Our mission, which continues to embody the principles of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, is to ensure that the student body experiences balanced intellectual, psychological, social and spiritual development, aimed at enabling them to become active productive members of society where they live and work.

Texas College Facts

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  • Texas College offers 12 baccalaureate degree programs within four divisions:
    • Business and Social Sciences
    • General Studies and Humanities
    • Education
    • Natural and Computational Science
  • The College offers two associate of arts degrees in Early Childhood Education and General Studies.
  • Texas College also has an Alternative Certification Teacher Education program for persons who have already earned a bachelor’s degree.
  • The SUCCESS Program is a specially designed degree completion program for working adults who want to enhance their professional growth and development with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration.
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